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Line of Least Resistance Kft.
2870 Kisbér, Kincsem u. 26.
Tax number: 14490222-2-11
Company registration number: 11-09-014409

Terms of Service

  1. 90% of repairs can be awaited on site. In the case of a longer repair time (more than 2-3 hours), we will always sign a dated receipt with our Customers, which will include, in addition to its personal information, the type, serial number of the device to be repaired and description of the defect. Therefore, please be sure to check the information in any case, as we cannot be held responsible for any errors or mistakes in the entries
  2. The Customer shall provide the most accurate description of the condition of his device. The consequences of the delay resulting from inaccurate or untrue error descriptions and any costs thereof shall be borne by the Customer. If the device is repairable, the Customer is entitled to decide whether to request the repair and bear the cost thereof, even if the repair is technically possible but not economical. 
  3. During the repair, the Service Provider shall decide on the method of repair. When announcing the repair quote, our colleague informs the Customer about the expected time of completion, however, this is informative and has no binding force, and in justified cases the Service Provider is entitled to extend it. In general, the completion deadline is 1 business day.
  4. We cannot assume any liability for the software, data (contents of media, memory cards) in the device. Therefore, please always save important or irreplaceable data before handing over your device for repair as it may be damaged or lost during the service procedure.
  5. The recording of defects not visible, not experienced or indicated at the time of handover shall not preclude their presence at the time of receipt, mechanical damage, even if they are not visible from the outside and the device is operable, as due to damage to internal integrated circuits it may become inoperable. In such cases, the Service Provider may not be held liable.
  6. Upon repair of soaked appliances, other hidden errors may occur, for which the Service Provider disclaims liability.
  7. System board repairs may have the potential to reveal hidden defects that cannot be detected beforehand, only discovered during repairs. In such cases, the device may stop or become unusable. In all cases, such repairs will be at the responsibility of the Customer.
  8. We will notify the Customer of the completion of the service (repair price offer or repair completion) via the contact details (telephone, email) recorded at the time of dated receipt. Until 30 days after the first notification, the items on the acknowledgment of receipt will be stored free of charge. After that, the items can be sold, after which we deduct the labour fee, storage cost and 10% handling cost. If the Customer is unavailable, the above deadlines shall apply from the date of the third unsuccessful attempt to notify. After the 30th day after the first notification, if the device is not received by the Customer, it will be dismantled.
  9. In all cases (even in the case of inspection and other repairs) the appliance shall be delivered at the earliest time indicated by the Service Provider.
  10. We will only be able to return the device against a dated receipt card issued by Smart Clinic. In the event of loss, destruction or unreadability of the dated receipt card, we will only be able to return it if it is the same as the Customer on the dated receipt card, as verified by the recipient's identity card. If this is not proven or the recipient declines identification, we will only be able to issue the device to the person who can prove ownership. (For example, by a receipt, an invoice; in the case of a company, the proof of purchase or, in addition to the invoice, proof of the right of representation of the company; (Reasons like I came for my phone, I'm in the machine, I tell my name, etc., are unfortunately not enough). The dated receipt card issued by Smart Clinic is the property of Smart Clinic. Receipt of the device for repair is only possible for data security reasons when the card is handed over. If you lose it, you will be charged HUF 2000 for the issuance of the new card.
  11. If the Customer is not in a position to take over the device personally, its agent must have a proper Power of Attorney.
  12. An additional condition for returning the device is the payment of the labor fee. If the repair is not performed for any reason, the inspection fee specified in the applicable service tariff will be payable. If you accept our quote and request a repair, we will not charge the inspection fee. In the case of non-serviceable devices, testing is always subject to a fee. Until this is settled, as per Section 397 (2) of the Civil Code, we are unable to return the items on the Worksheet based on our legal lien on the device that we own.
  13. Defective parts replaced during repair will only be returned if Customer so requests in advance (at the latest upon handing over of the device) and is subject to including this into the dated receipt. Otherwise, we will dispose of them as hazardous waste.
  14. The Service Provider disclaims any liability for indirect and / or consequential damages, as well as for lost profits or possible damages resulting from loss of use.
  15. The Customer may submit any objections to the performance of the service on site to the service manager or to the supervisory authorities posted at the service provider.
  16. The customer consents to the processing of the personal data provided when ordering the service. In the case of the procedure specified in point 8, in addition to the above, you also give your consent to the data management regarding your identity card number (passport number in the case of a foreign citizen) and residential address card. The Service Provider - subject to the provisions of point 3 of the Data Protection Information available on its website - informs the customer that the audio recording of all telephone calls conducted between the parties in connection with the contract (either sales or business) established between the parties based on these GTC or its performance is subject to quality assurance for the purpose of measuring and/or improving the efficiency of the web interface operated by the Service Provider, as well as for the purpose of settling possible objections from Customers and possible legal disputes arising from them. The Customer declares that he has understood and accepts the Service Provider's information regarding the recording of audio recordings of telephone calls, and at the same time as concluding this contract he gives his express consent for the Service Provider to record the audio material of the telephone calls conducted between the parties in connection with this contract, and to store and manage it for the time being , until the contract between the parties is fulfilled or until any (legal) dispute between the parties is finally settled.
  17. The Service Provider reserves the right not to warrant for installed parts not purchased by the Service Provider and for installation by the Service Provider but which may be ordered by another service provider.
  18. The Worksheet issued by the Service Provider shall also be considered as a warranty card in the cases covered by the Government Decree, the provisions of which do not affect the consumer's statutory rights. The warranty claim is enforceable by the “Worksheet”.
  19. Apple Independent Service Provider uses genuine Apple parts, tools, and a factory diagnostic system for repairs. The repairs meet Apple's strict quality requirements. The built-in parts are warranted by Apple's Independent Service Provider. Apple does not warrant the device!
  20. The handover and completion of the warranty card does not in itself result in the undertaking of any warranty as per the Governmental Decree 249/2004. (VII.27.) or any other voluntary, provided that the Customer is not considered to be a consumer as per the Civil Code or if the service was performed under guarantee or warranty.
  21. The service is ordered online via the tablet interface provided at the service points. By clicking on the "Sign" button, you agree to our Service Terms of Service, which entails a payment obligation. The Customer will receive an electronic VAT invoice, which will be automatically sent to the e-mail address provided upon completion.
  22. In matters not regulated by these General Terms and Conditions, the Sections on Services Contracts (XXXV. Chapter 389. § § 401) of the Civil Code shall prevail. In the event of a dispute between the parties, the Pest Central District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

Webshop sales conditions

1. Purchase conditions

You can place your order in the webshop only electronically at

Orders placed by phone, fax, e-mail or letter will not be accepted.

A prerequisite for making purchases on is that the Customer accepts the terms of these terms and conditions in all respects. Accepting these terms means placing orders by clicking the "Submit Order" button.

By making a purchase on the site, the Customer acknowledges to become a buyer of and that its order will entail a payment obligation.

By confirming "Submit Order", it agrees to accept the electronic invoice issued by our company, which will be automatically sent to the email address specified when the order is completed.

Browsing the contents of the web store (product information, etc.) does not require any registration, anyone can enter it completely anonymously without giving their details, but for the actual purchase it is necessary to register where the shipping and billing details are given . The Customer must complete the registration form with accurate details before purchase. Incorrectly completed data sheets are considered invalid and the seller is not liable in any way for incorrect performance due to incorrect data.

After submitting the order, our system will send a confirmation email to your email address, so please check it immediately so we can take action before the package leaves in the event of any errors or faulty orders.

The confirmation letter is automatically generated in the system, thus confirming the order status to both the Buyer and us. Orders for the same product from two different computers at the same time may indicate to both Buyers being immediately available, but for the last item we will not be able to fulfil both orders immediately. This occurs in a negligible number of cases, and we will notify you of the error as soon as possible.

2. Payment conditions

Before placing your order, you can choose your shipping method.

  • Personal pick up cash / prepayment / credit card payment
  • Courier service with advance payment (our contracted courier partner is GLS General Logistics Systems Hungary Csomag-Logisztikai Kft. GLS_Logo_2021_RGB_GLSBlue
  • Courier service with cash on delivery

The following payment methods are available for credit transfers:

  • Credit card payment: MasterCard, Maestro, Visa 
  • PayPal  

Online credit card payments are made through the CIB eCommerce interface. For more information, visit their website by clicking here.

The credit card payment information can be downloaded here, while the Frequently Asked Questions can be downloaded here .

 Upon completion of your order, you will receive an electronic invoice issued by the operator to your registered email address.

The prices on webshop are gross prices which include VAT.

In the case of a personal pick up, we will contact you by email or phone after your order to arrange for the time of receipt.

In the case of cash on delivery, the courier will be required to hand over the consideration for the ordered product (s) plus the shipping cost.

3. Delivery Terms

The webshop sends the ordered products to the specified delivery address using a contracted courier service. The shipping address may be different from the billing address. Provide a shipping address where you can pick up the package and pay for the cash on delivery. The courier guarantees the delivery of the product intact.

Transportation costs:

One off fee: 2.490, - Ft

Additional services:

Telephone notification: +100, - Ft

Shipping cost is also included in the cart total. The order will be shipped within 1-3 business days of placing the order, please provide as delivery address an address where someone can pick up the parcel from the courier and pay for the cash on delivery. If the courier does not find anyone at the address given who will pick up the goods, the next day he will attempt to deliver again, if again being unsuccessful, he will return the parcel to our contracted logistics partner. The courier is expected to arrive from 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays.

Please only accept undamaged packages on delivery. If you experience any problems, ask for the taking of minutes and do not accpet your product (s). After receiving the package, we will only accept complaints regarding defects or damage if the defect could not be ascertained upon receipt of the product.

4. Guarantee and Warranty

The Seller will only provide a refund or replacement warranty for the products purchased if the product is proven to be defective and the defect is proven to be prior to receipt of the products. We will only accept complaints regarding defective products or damaged products that have been received if the defect of the product was not detectable upon receipt or if the product is defective by manufacturing. The seller cannot accept any warranty for content dislike. In case of replacement or repurchase, we can only accept the product in its original packaging.

5. Right of Withdrawal

  • The Customer has the right to cancel the purchase after the order but before delivery. The Customer shall indicate this on the website using the form below the Contact menu, referring to its order ID. In this case the Customer will not have to bear any costs.
  • Within 30 calendar days of receipt of the goods, the Customer may cancel the purchase without consequence or giving reason. This intention to withdraw must be communicated in writing or by email.
  • The consumer must return the goods to the trader within 14 days of the day on which the right of withdrawal is exercised (i.e. within a maximum of 44 days from receipt). In this case, the seller must reimburse the purchase price already paid by the customer immediately, but no later than thirty days after the cancellation and return of the goods.
  • In the event of withdrawal, the seller shall not be obliged to reimburse the consumer for the additional cost of delivery other than the standard delivery cost.
  • However, the refund does not cover the cost of returning the goods, which the customer shall bear.
  • The seller may claim compensation for damage caused by the misuse of the goods.

6. Limitation of liability

Seller assumes no responsibility for errors, inconvenience, direct or indirect damages caused by technical (hardware, software) or communication (Internet) infrastructure used to connect to, regardless of whether its reason is operational or extraordinary, non-operational operation of the server or client side.

The Seller reserves the right to change any information (including these Terms and Conditions) at any time, including without limitation, the items on the web site, including the products, their descriptions, the basic or special price of the products. All information relating to the webshop is accessible and consequently the Seller assumes no liability for errors, inconvenience, direct or indirect damage resulting from ignorance of such information.

Product images displayed in the webshop are for illustration only, iPhone, iPad products and other devices are for illustration only and are not subject to purchase. Only accessories (cases, back covers, screensavers, etc.) can be purchased, see product description.

We endeavour to compile and disclose the data and information displayed on our website with the utmost care and under multiple control. However, in some cases, we may not exclude the possibility that, for editorial or other reasons, incorrect or incomplete information may be placed on our site. Given that the information available on our website is for information purposes only, is not responsible for the accuracy of the data, documents, information, images, diagrams, graphs and graphics displayed on the website and its use for its intended purpose, and you bear the full risk thereof.

Accordingly, shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages, expense or cost of any kind incurred by You in connection with Your use of these, including, of course, any loss of data or lost profits.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, the price of a product may be incorrect, in which case we will contact you by phone (or email) to confirm prior to shipment.

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