Quality of parts

Display quality explanatory table

In our services, we provide the opportunity to replace several types of quality displays according to the needs of our customers. The biggest difference between display qualities is reflected in the prices.

Our "A ++" quality displays are both the most expensive and the best quality. These are ordered directly from the brand manufacturers.

  • As an Apple IRP service we are in direct contact with Apple, so any "A++" quality display replacement is documented by Apple.
  • Our Samsung and Huawei "A++" displays with serial numbers are fully genuine parts.

We recommend "A" and "A +" quality displays in terms of price / value ratio, there is a minimal difference between them, there are more differences in price. 

  • For "A+" quality, each component of the display is factory-manufactured, however, it is not purchased directly through the brand, but from a 3rd party.
  • For grade "A", each component of the display is factory-manufactured, however, there may be refurbished components, such as a new touch glass or a new display flex cable.

Our "B" quality displays are aftermarket parts ordered from third parties.

  • Its components are remanufactured. It is important to know that there are currently more than 5 types of quality available from aftermarket displays on the market. In most cases, these displays are remanufactured LCD or AMOLED, which sometimes means a different color temperature or resolution than the original display.
  • But a remanufactured component can be the ribbon cable, which can be stiffer than the original, making installation difficult.
  • All in all, with regard to our B-quality displays, we have been able to select the best, most durable and best-to-install qualities based on our many years of experience.
  • In terms of price, it is the cheapest option, but in our opinion it can still be an affordable solution for those for whom price is the most important factor when replacing a display.
 A++Original part. It comes from an official source, directly from the manufacturer. The best quality display available on the market.
 A+Original part. Excellent value for money display, not directly from the manufacturer, but from a third party. It is fully compatible with A++ quality in its features.
 AOriginal part. Mostly refurbished or used original display. It is fully compatible with A++ and A+ quality.
 BAftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts ordered from a third party. The cheapest solution for value for money.


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