Galaxy A32 charging modul

Due to a bad charging module, the device may not charge when plugged into a charger, or the device may turn off regularly. Fortunately, solving this is a routine task in our service.

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  • The price indicates an expected repair cost. We can give you a detailed and accurate quote for the total cost of the repair after an inspection.
  • We can only undertake the indicated repair time if an appointment is booked. In other cases, the repair time depends on the capacity of the service and we can only undertake the repair on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • In case of a complex problem (in case of failure of several parts), we recommend filling out our quote request form, where we can provide a unique quote different from the list prices.

Galaxy A32 charging connector malfunctions

if you experience any of these, contact us
  • If repeated replacement of the Galaxy A32 charger connector does not resolve any of the above problems, you will need to investigate further the cause of the failure, which could lead to a battery problem or even a charge controller failure.
  • If Galaxy A32 does not charge, you may suspect that the charger connector is malfunctioning in addition to the battery.
  • Plug the device into a charger in the evening, but it will not charge in the morning, it will sometimes turn off and cannot be turned on, there is still a good chance that the charging connector on Galaxy A32 will need to be replaced.
  • If you do not hear anything when you turn on your device, you may still suspect that the Galaxy A32 charger connector is malfunctioning. In many cases, this component is associated with the speaker.
  • If your Galaxy A32 is plugged into a computer or laptop, it won't start syncing, or it won't be recognized at all, even if this connector is faulty.
  • If you plug your device into a charger and only charge it occasionally to move the cable, either the connector is broken or the charging port is clogged. We do not recommend starting to clean it at home with sharp objects. It can easily cause a short circuit in the device, which will only result in more expensive repair costs.

Why Smart Clinic?

  • With our service courier service, our customers from all over the country send us the devices to be repaired.
  • Our colleagues will not only carry out the requested repair, but will also make suggestions in any case to correct any additional problems that may arise, if justified. This way, you don't have to worry about your device failing in an unexpected situation.
  • Based on customer feedback, 91.9% of our customers said they received more from us than they expected in advance.
  • Thanks to the appointment function, we are at your disposal at the time desired by our customers, of course, out of turn.
  • Based on customer feedback, 54.7% of our customers are returning customers.
  • Several other service stations bring us more complex repairs that they are unable to make to their customers. So there is a good chance that your device has also fixed with us.
  • As a market-leading out-of-warranty service, we were among the first to start their service and have been developing steadily ever since.

Who we've already helped

  • Ákos Dobrády

    In general, I have no strong attachment towards objects. This is especially true for a mobile phone. I don't pay enough attention to it. No matter how nice it is, I just can't get attached to it, and that you can take literally! Sliding, flying, falling, broken, cracking ... The trouble is that life stops without it. It's good to have Smart Clinic. :) Fast, flexible, kind, and last but not least reliable, precise work! I strongly recommend them to everyone!

    Ákos Dobrády
  • Balázs Sebestyén

    As for everyone, it is an important factor for me to have a device with private contents like my iPhone, repaired before my eyes. This is the only way I can ensure that the private contents on my device are safe. The technicians at Smart Clinic were completely reliable and professional. They have already helped me twice with issues where the service provider would have chosen replacement. In the service shop, everything is very demanding, beautiful, and what is also important: clean. Beyond all my expectations, I got an excellent service, quickly, therefore I recommend it to anyone! Thank you, Smart Clinic!

    Balázs Sebestyén
  • Balázs Klári

    I already paid a high price for not choosing the iPad case carefully. I just made sure it was nice, so in a careless moment my plane landed on the stone and of course its protective glass broke into a mist. By chance, I found the SENA Folio II iPad case, which is not only sleek, but secures it so securely, it almost hugs my machine that even the case described earlier can’t happen by accident. Wherever I turn around, they are praised everywhere for their wild red color, crocodile pattern and elegant shape. I feel like it was designed for me personally.

    Balázs Klári
  • Gábor Wolf

    There was rolling down stairs, strolling in the summer flood (in a bag!), Hitting a wall with a handle in the earphone wire, and leaning on canned asparagus leaning on the display while cooking. That’s when we look at each other, “Smart Clinic!” And in 30 minutes the iPhone will be like its new age. Smart Clinic European standard - at Hungarian prices. I don’t know how they do it: the staff smiles, the mechanics ’hands walk fast, the business is nice and clean, they give a guarantee for repairs. My first choice as a customer, I admire them as an entrepreneur. Although there would be more such companies!

    Gábor Wolf
  • Nóra Ördög

    My friends call me a phone killer ... You can't list any damage that I have not caused to my poor devices: sooner or later everything that get into my hands will crack, lean, break, fall down or soak. Yet I love these devices! With passion and for real! That's why I have them so often in my hands. They are my family if my family can't be close. They're my work if I can finally leave the office. The news, my friends, the world. If they are not close to me, I feel strange, maybe I'm addicted, I don't know. Okay. If it is really needed, I can take 20 minutes 'off'. That is why I am grateful that here they are addressing our problems so quickly, simply and in a flawless way. Thank you!

    Nóra Ördög
  • Bence Istenes

    Since I have virtually my entire life on my iPhone, it is indispensable both in my work and in my private life. So if I have a problem, it is important for me to get quick and professional help. At Smart Clinic, the guys were very professional and, even most important, everything happened in front of my eyes, so I knew my data were safe. A cheerful, helpful team, it is a good feeling to enter the store. They can solve everything and do all this in a kind way. I can only recommend it to everyone! Thank you!

    Bence Istenes


You can find our answers to the most frequently asked questions here.
+ Are you replacing an original part with a bad one? More »

We work with several types of parts. It is also possible to repair with factory and aftermarket parts. For each repair, we make an individual recommendation as to which is the better choice in terms of price/value ratio. The quality of the parts is also indicated in the price lists. And by clicking on it, we describe in detail what it means.

The quality of the parts has been collected for you on the page below.

+ How long does it take to repair my device? More »

80-90% of repairs can usually be done within 1 hour, which means that you can wait on site and don\'t have to spend days on your device. The service time depends on the nature of the fault, the service load and the stock. Replacing a simpler peripheral (display, battery, speakers, cameras, charger plugs, etc.) takes about 0.5-1 hours. If the appliance is not screwed, but is glued, then the drying time of the glue has to be added, which is 2-3 hours plus. It takes at least 1 day to repair the soaked devices, but rather 2-3 days before we can test all the features on it. The exact repair time in our service centers can be precisely determined by our colleagues.

We recommend that you consider the possibility of making an appointment. If you arrive on a confirmed date, we can undertake the repair times found on our website.

+ I live in the countryside so can I get my device to you? More »

We have a lot of customers in the countryside who find our courier service a convenient solution. You can get your device repaired in as little as 3 days, but in most cases within 5-6 days. All you have to do is fill out the form here and we will send you our courier already. You can find a detailed description of this convenience service here.

+ Why do I have to pay for the test? More »

Testing your device is basically free if you request a repair at the suggested price. Inspection is chargeable if it is not requested for repair or is not performed by us. During the test, our service technicians perform the same service, using test parts to determine which peripherals need replacement. From simple to more complex examinations, it can take at least 0.5 to 3 hours for the source of the error to be identified. We'll charge a fraction of this fee for testing if you don't request a repair.

We also charge a test fee in cases where the device is found to be unserviceable or not economically viable. This is because by the time we dare to report this from a device, our colleagues often work on it for days, examining every opportunity. After all, our main goal is to find a solution, but unfortunately, this is not always the case for us.

+ Why does the motherboard repair take so long? More »

Simple repairs include replacing peripherals such as display, battery, cameras, ribbon cables ... etc. These peripherals can be replaced in 0.5 to 1 hour, relatively easily. The worse and more complicated case is if replacing the peripheral does not solve the problem. In this case, the motherboard should continue to search for the cause of the error. A motherboard is much more complex, much more complex than the device itself. Alternatively, parts mounted on the system board may only be moved under a microscope. A motherboard failure can be very complex, as each component is almost related to each one, so there are many variations that can be ruined. Mapping these error opportunities requires several hours and much more expertise. Faults on board components such as ICs, resistors, capacitors are not always obvious, which is not a matter of minutes. Tests after system board repairs (such as diving, charging) are also time consuming, and we dare to say that the device is okay. All in all, a careful motherboard repair can take several days.

+ Why is there no warranty for water damaged device? More »

Water damaged device means any appliance that has been exposed to moisture, whether it is a drop of water, rain, diving into a pool, spilling coffee, falling into the toilet, condensation in the bathroom, etc. All of these cases result in corrosion processes inside the unit. Liquids have conductive properties. Electricity always travels to the smallest resistance. Thus, when the device is exposed to moisture, the electrical current creates a connection between components that are not a design event. Doing so will cause the components to malfunction and damage the device. Manufacturers and mobile operators are letting go of the hands of liquid-damaging devices. The product warranty does not cover such failures unless it has previously been covered by such insurance. What we can do is try to slow down this oxidation process. Liquid-damaging components will be cleaned or replaced as appropriate. The motherboard is also cleaned with an ultrasonic washer to remove most of the oxide layers. The effectiveness of the repair depends on the degree of soaking and the time since soaking. For this reason, there is no pre-calculated price, because every situation is different, many factors unfortunately. There is no assurance that further malfunctions will not occur. The reason for this is that we can only slow down the once-started oxidation processes, not stop them. However, more than 60% of repairs are successful, in other cases, later failures may occur. We usually suggest that if you ever succeed in resurrecting the device, they are best served if it is sold while it is in operation.

+ Why so long does the drying of device? More »

Some manufacturers (such as Samsung, Sony, Huawei) are launching glued-on handsets. It is worth noting that both the display and the back cover are attached with a thin layer of adhesive (2-3 mm) to the body of the device. Any repair starts with the removal of the display or back cover. In this case, the adhesive is thawed on a heating pad so that you can use gentle means to remove the display (or back cover) to access the part you are replacing. This operation requires a high degree of precision and a lot of practice from a service technician. After replacing a defective part, the display or back cover must be glued back to the unit. Usually we use a special surface treatment, factory glue strips and press. The glue has a drying time of 2-3 hours during the press, when we can dispense the machine without any problems. If we do not wait for this time, the adhesive will most likely be released, which could cause further damage. This is not worth saving.

+ Where is your locations? More »

Currently we are available in Budapest, which you can click here. If you live far away from us, no problem, feel free to use our service courier by clicking here.

+ Can I go anytime during business hours? More »

You can see the opening hours of our services here. You can come to us at any time during this period, you will be sure to wait within a few minutes, and you will not have to wait long for service. It would be best to book an appointment, because then our colleagues are guaranteed to take care of you. In any case, try to schedule it so that it does not arrive 10 minutes before closing, as we will probably only be able to start repairing the unit the next day. If you arrive no later than 1 hour before closing, there is a good chance that you will be able to take the device even before closing so that you can take it even after that. Of course, the repair time can always be accurately determined on site. In all cases, the repair time will depend on the nature of the malfunction and the amount of work involved.

+ Why can't I book an appointment for tomorrow? More »

Whenever you make an appointment, we check the current stock to ensure that there is no need for the customer to come to our service unnecessarily. We work with multiple service centers and bring parts between service centers on a daily basis. We will only confirm your reservation if you can guarantee 100% of the parts required for repair at the time and place of booking. This usually requires 1 business day. This is the reason why we do not accept bookings within 24 hours. Regardless, if you would like to come early, give us a call (+36 30 630 22 77) or write to us, as it is possible that we will arrive sooner.

+ Why is there only a guarantee for the installed parts? More »

Obviously, we can only guarantee the part we replace. For example, if we replace a battery at the customer's request, and the speaker, for example, becomes damaged in a few months, we can replace it for an additional fee because we can only guarantee the battery. The two components have nothing to do with each other. In situations where, for example, we replace the battery (say HUF 10,000) because it runs out of power quickly and it turns out that the problem still persists, we test the device and then find that Charge Controller IC error (Assuming a HUF 25,000 charge), the device will be charged a replacement battery charge from the Charge Controller IC replacement price. So 25,000-10,000 = HUF 15,000 to pay. In this case, the battery replacement was free for you.

+ Do you work as a warranty service? More »

No. Smart Clinic is independent of all providers and manufacturers. We do not have a contractual relationship with anyone, we only make repairs beyond our warranty. Therefore, it is in our best interest to perform repairs to the best of our ability and not to work out the warranty terms. However, we recommend that if your machine is still under warranty (and it is not wet or crushed as these will be disqualifying reasons), you may want to contact a warranty service with your problem. If you cannot find a solution there, please feel free to contact us and we will try to help.

+ Are you open on weekends? More »

You can see our current opening hours here.

+ I can't see my device model on the website, can you fix it? More »

The overwhelming majority of you will find on our website the appliances for which we have spare parts at our disposal. However, if you can't find it, that doesn't mean we can't fix it. We work with large foreign suppliers, and we can procure many parts so that you can have the right one for your device. Contact us, write us a message by clicking here, and our colleagues will respond to you.

+ If I carry a part, will they still repair? More »

You're not welcome. We have a large stock and tested parts. The prices in our price list are mostly made up of salary. We are sure that we have a much higher quality component and that it is much cheaper than what you order from eBay. If you insist on it, we will undertake to install the part you bring, but we can do so only by subtracting the price of the part we buy and invoicing it. This will make you financially worse off. Quite often, the supplied part does not work properly, in which case we replace it with our own. However, if it works, we cannot guarantee any part that you bring. We recommend that you do not order parts of a lower quality than the one we have in stock. It will not be cheaper either, and if there is a problem, there is no one to turn to for warranty.

+ Does the warranty remain after the device is fixed? More »

No. In addition, we cannot guarantee that a device that we have repaired will not be repaired or replaced at a later date. We've repaired a lot of warranty phones that no one notices we've reached out to. That's why we don't want to take responsibility for it. We know the attitude of after-sales service providers, and for that reason we do not want to put a dent in our neck. Of course, if a dear customer asks for help, we will, but we cannot guarantee why a warranty service will refuse a device.

+ Why have to what for some devices a day while they are ready within a few hours? More »

Because there are some types of malfunctions where troubleshooting and repairing it is a much more complex process than replacing a battery. For example, repairing glued appliances, where only disassembly, then gluing and drying only takes 2-3 hours extra. But this can be a software failure, for example, where you need to save up to GB of data for hours and then restore everything after repair. The repair time of a soaked appliance, before we exclude any faults, can take up to a week in the worst case. Or a device that doesn't charge, for example. In this case, we replace the battery or a charging connector and then perform dive and charge tests directly. Only these tests take 1-2 days. If it still doesn't charge or dives fast, let's look at the motherboard level. Charge controller IC, PM IC possibly. Replacing these alone can take 2-3 hours under the microscope. Then the dive and charge test again. Another 1-2 days. For many devices, we need to start by restoring the software to the factory, which requires a backup and then restoring it at the end of the repair. Nowadays, one can be up to 50-60 GB or more, which can also be measured in hours. But it may also be that the part you are waiting for is out of stock. For individual purchases, this can take up to 1 month, but usually takes 1-2 weeks to resolve. If these cases add up, it can really delay the repair. To sum it all up, we will do our best to keep the time as short as possible, because then we are in the best interest of ours. Needless to say, we don't sit on appliances, because it won't heal itself.

+ Will my device remain waterproof after repair? More »

No. In any case, it is worth looking at what standard the waterproofing manufacturer declares. Mostly IP67 rated devices, with the first number, 6 being "Fully protected against dust", the second number being 7, "Protected against submersion in water for a limited time (0.15- 1 m for 30 minutes) ". It is worth adding that these findings are valid under laboratory conditions. In real life, however, an IP67-compliant device can do just that. In this case, the liquid indicator lights will be discolored, liquid will be spilled, and the warranty will be void. For IP68, the number 8 means "Continuous use under water (1 to 3 meters as specified by the manufacturer)". In fact, this IP68 represents the total water resistance that the average user thinks. However, this standard cannot be used because, for example, how would a speech speaker sound? Not at all. It could be used just like underwater telephony. These standards are measured under laboratory conditions, so this IP certification should no longer be available after servicing. Of course, let's have a non-IP67 good phone rather than a bad IP67.

+ Is there less warranty than motherboard repairs? More »

Yes. We provide 1 month warranty for such repairs. This is because this is an amount of interference with the device that may cause further problems in the future. For example, basically a motherboard repair service is not (or cannot) be undertaken by a warranty service provider. However, in many cases, these problems can be corrected, but as time goes on, the older a device is, and the more it is repaired, the more likely it is to break down again. Like just an old car.

+ I wouldn't wait for the drying time, I'd rather take it earlier. Is it a problem? More »

The problem is we can say with 90% certainty that the bonding will come off. And have to come back to re-glue again. Not that you will not be able to save time, but you will have to pay a fee again, because in this case we can not guarantee it. Not to mention that the gap between the split screen or the back cover may get dirty, causing a short circuit, or blurring the display backlight, which can only be remedied by replacing the display. These are all additional costs and time spent in service. That is why we do not recommend that you take the device away prematurely. But of course, at our own risk.

+ What does the notation A++, A+, A, B mean for parts? More »

These markings refer to the quality of the part. You can read more about which means here.

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