Receipt options

Depending on yor request, you can choose home delivery or personal pick-up.

Delivery by courier

Our products are delivered to you by our contract partner GLS General Logistics Systems Hungary Csomag-Logisztikai Kft.

Delivery takes 1-3 business days depending on our stock. Delivery time is from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. There is no delivery on weekends and holidays.

The delivery service will send a note called "Delivery Notification" to your email address with all the important details (date of delivery, amount to be paid, courier's phone number, tracking number) so you can keep track of when and where your parcel is.

For change of address or any other request, please contact GLS Customer Service at  (+36 29) 886 700. For information of delivery, it is easier for everyone to consult the courier company directly. Of course, if you run into problems, please contact us and we'll try to help.

Takeover: Only pick up an undamaged package from the courier. In the event of a visibly damaged package, ask the courier to record the damage, as only then will it be possible to prove further that the ordered product is damaged during transportation. 

Payment at the courier is possible in cash and by credit card.

Q&A with home delivery

Are you calling when the package arrives?

We will contact you by phone or send you an email notification if we cannot resolve the delivery within 1 business day. We will then specify the delivery date. Otherwise, we will send you the necessary information about the status of your order via email.

Can I ask the exact time when i wish the courier to arrive?

Unfortunately, since the courier comes with a bulk carrier, you are unfortunately unable to give as exact time. You can specify a longer time in the shipping note when you are staying at the address provided (eg 2 pm to 10 pm).

The courier calls before he comes?

By default, the courier will not call you, so please provide the shipping address, shipping terms, and other notices of delivery as accurate as possible. If you specifically request that the courier call you prior to your arrival, write it in the comment field when ordering and we will forward the request to the courier company.

If I couldn't receive the package, wouldn't I receive it anymore?

If the courier service fails on the day of delivery, they will try again the next business day. This way, if something should happen, you can still pick up the package on the second day, but it will be returned to the store on the third day. In such cases, you may request a re-delivery, but we will charge you an additional re-shipping fee.

If I he does not get here on courier time, who do I look for?

If you have been notified by our company that your parcel has been delivered to the courier service, you may want to call them, since we do not have a specific view of the parcel.

Call the GLS Customer Service at  (+36 29) 886 700


There was no bill attached, why?

The invoices issued by our company are electronic invoices, so on the day of fulfillment we will send it to the order e-mail address in pdf format. This way, you won't find a paper invoice in the package.

Personal pick up in our stores

1117 Budapest, Bölcső u. 11. - Opening hours

Once your order has been placed, our colleague will contact you within 1 business day to let you know when you can pick up your order at the location you want. When registering, pay attention to the exact contact details so that our colleague can reach you without any problems.  If we have the selected product at the selected point of pick-up, it is possible to take over the ordered item (s) even on the day of order.

In any case, please wait for us to contact you regarding your order.

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