Different types of smart devices may produce many malfunctions that are no longer covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Smart Clinic After-Warranty Smartphone Services provide solutions to this problem, among other things. For example, replacing a display in the event of a drop or bump is not part of the manufacturer's warranty service process, but we could list a number of smartphone failures of this kind. These malfunctions can occur on virtually any device, so although we primarily work as an iPhone service provider, we are able to repair most smartphones and tablets due to our fleets. The most common form of malfunction of smart devices is a break in the display of the phone and tablet or battery failure.

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  • 85% of the repairs can even be expected in our services. This is due to our outstanding parts set and the performance of our colleagues.
  • Based on customer feedback, 54.7% of our customers are returning customers.
  • Several other service stations bring us more complex repairs that they are unable to make to their customers. So there is a good chance that your device has also fixed with us.
  • Based on customer feedback, 96.1% of our customers would recommend our service to a friend.
  • Our work is characterized by unconditional precision. Our colleagues are committed to their profession, which is why they put all their knowledge into repairs.

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