That you determine the pace of life

With your large, beautifully resolution Huawei smartphone, you can turn a boring train ride into a home theater. Not to mention the experience of photography with Leica cameras. There’s virtually no moment you can’t even capture more beautifully than you do. These photos and videos can then go to Facebook, Instagram, or just family memories.

Not to mention Huawei's own user interface (EMUI). You can arrange everything immediately, at lightning speed. Plus, Huawei is famous for its buffalo-powered batteries. You can use some device types for up to several days.

If, on the other hand, the device fails, it all fades away in one fell swoop. No more perfect photos and videos. There are no hours of conversations or trouble-free navigation on a longer trip. Life seems to stop around us.

The most common error signs for Huawei smartphones are:

  • display and back cover breakage, cracking
  • fast-draining or non-rechargeable battery
  • fluid damage due to soaking
  • quiet, crackling speaker
  • inoperative microphone
  • faulty camera
  • software error

So when we fix these errors on your phone, we will return your above experiences in just a few hours. Together with the newly repaired Huaweied, we will also give back your experiences. So that life can continue uninterrupted.

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  • If you notice any problems with your device later after the repair, feel free to bring it back to us, we will not run away, we will surely find a solution.
  • Based on customer feedback, 97.1% of our customers were completely satisfied with our customer service.
  • Based on customer feedback, 96.1% of our customers would recommend our service to a friend.
  • Thanks to the appointment function, we are at your disposal at the time desired by our customers, of course, out of turn.
  • The device is tested by our technicians before and after repair, so that it is returned to its owner in perfect condition.

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