We will not allow life to stop

When you think about how many times a day you look at your phone, you soon realize that it’s easier to calculate how many times you don’t. Your device wakes you up. Here you will read the news and the weather in the morning. Most of the time, you reply to work emails from your phone and chat with your friends and family.

By doing this, you capture the great moments of your life and upload pictures and videos of them to social media. You’re with you when you need to greet someone — or be reminded who has a birthday today. It helps you achieve better results in sports or in your work. Plus, it holds millions of music, series, and books in your pocket every day.

If, on the other hand, it fails, the world known until then closes in one fell swoop. It’s as if you have to watch from the stop lane as everyone else stumbles past you.

The most common error signs for Samsung Galaxy smartphones are:

  • display and back cover breakage, cracking
  • fast-draining or non-rechargeable battery
  • fluid damage due to soaking
  • quiet, crackling speaker
  • inoperative microphone
  • faulty camera
  • software failure.

So when we repair the Samsung Galaxy, not only do we get the device back in perfect condition, but we also steer your life back to the highway of everyday life. That you only have to stop if you want to.

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  • Our references include several large multi companies, just like the smaller ones.
  • Based on customer feedback, 91.9% of our customers said they received more from us than they expected in advance.
  • 85% of the repairs can even be expected in our services. This is due to our outstanding parts set and the performance of our colleagues.
  • We are the only lifetime warranty on our repairs in Hungary. (Except for battery replacement and logic board repairs.)
  • We are not transformed by other names every year, we remain who we are from the beginning.
  • Several other service stations bring us more complex repairs that they are unable to make to their customers. So there is a good chance that your device has also fixed with us.

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