Galaxy A90 5G

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The repair process

Before repair
During repair
After repair
    1. The device arrives at repair center.
    2. We record your personal and device information. (We'll send you electronic status notifications below.)
    3. We will send an acknowledgment of receipt by e-mail and inform you about the approximate price and duration of the repair.
      75-80% of the repairs will be completed within an hour, in the remaining 10-15% of cases 1-2 days, complicated problems or individual parts requirements (5-10%) can take 1-2 weeks.
    1. Our service technicians test the device fully before starting the repair.
    2. If we find another fault, we will notify you before repair begins.
    3. We will perform the repair and then test the device again.
    4. During the repair, we will send automatic notifications of status changes to the e-mail address provided. This allows you to easily track the process.
    1. We will also notify you by e-mail that the device can be picked up or handed over to the service courier in case of a courier order.
    2. Our colleagues also provide useful advice on using the device, as well as some accessories.

How do you get ready for service?

In order to start repairing your faulty device, we need one thing from you: its accessibility. This will be possible in two ways:

  • Factory reset (This is the most obvious.)
  • Give us access to all the features of your device (You must enter your passcode.)

Why we need the passcode?
Don't worry, we're not applying for your personal information or images that are in awe. We have a strict privacy policy. Part of the repair is thorough testing to filter out any unnoticed defects before disassembly, and after repair to test that they are actually back in perfect working order.

Without a passcode, we will not be able to access all of the device's features.

Why not get ready for service?

The repair really doesn't require anything other than your device - as detailed above. No factory accessories, boxes or cables are required. You don't even have to drive around the apartment because of the paperwork, so you won't need to.

It's important to be able to begin repairs as soon as we discover an error so that no further damage occurs. Nor is it worth wasting your time looking for parts yourself. On the one hand, because you can't get it cheaper than us, and on the other hand, because over time, we only risk further deterioration of the device.

We already have everything you need to quickly fix your device. All you need to do is import it for us.

Galaxy A90 5G

WARNING! Service support has expired at 2023.09.01. We no longer have the option to purchase new parts for this device. Therefore, we can no longer provide our warranty terms. We will install parts in stock without warranty. Please decide on repair with this in mind.

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    Contact our repair center to make life go on again.

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    You can count on us in these as well

    • We offer personalized accessories

      We offer personalized accessories

    • We can offset your old or bad device

      We can offset your old or bad device

    • We offer technical assistance and education

      We offer technical assistance and education


    100% guaranteed satisfaction

    Up to a lifetime warranty on the repair performed
    Read our warranty conditions!

    Read more about the warranty

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