We are responsible for your experiences

With every device from Sony, it focuses on providing an experience beyond imagination and capturing unforgettable experiences. It is in this spirit that he also designs and manufactures his video game consoles, cameras and Xperia smartphones. And we are improving Sony smartphones in the knowledge that we are not installing a mobile phone, but putting the experience of perfect moments back in your hands.

IMPORTANT! We only repair Sony Xperia smartphones in our services, we are not able to take other electronic items (eg cameras, tablets, game consoles).

However, it doesn’t matter if it’s soaking, physical damage, or possibly a software bug. Our Xperia services are waiting for faulty Xperia devices with maximum readiness and a constantly checked stock of spare parts. This way we can really start the repair right away, we don't have to wait days or weeks for a part - except in extreme cases.

Our experiences color our everyday lives. We develop through them day by day. That’s why it’s paramount for us, whether it’s work, fun or learning, that life only stops when you want it to.

We will not let you lose your experiences.

And if you want, you’re even our guest for a coffee while you’re watching how we fix your phone. This is exactly why we designed our service points. *

* Some malfunctions cannot be repaired immediately. However, our service technician colleagues will always inform you about this.

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  • We welcome all our dear customers in an air-conditioned, clean environment.
  • We have a special colleague for sourcing parts ,which is why we can obtain any individual needs with special attention and record speed.
  • Based on customer feedback, 54.7% of our customers are returning customers.
  • Thanks to the appointment function, we are at your disposal at the time desired by our customers, of course, out of turn.
  • Based on customer feedback, 97.1% of our customers were completely satisfied with our customer service.
  • We have been for our customers for more than 7 years, they can count on us in the long run.

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