Balázs Sebestyén, TV and radio presenter

"As for everyone, it is an important factor for me to have a device with private contents like my iPhone, repaired before my eyes. This is the only way I can ensure that the private contents on my device are safe. The technicians at Smart Clinic were completely reliable and professional. They have already helped me twice with issues where the service provider would have chosen replacement. In the service shop, everything is very demanding, beautiful, and what is also important: clean. Beyond all my expectations, I got an excellent service, quickly, therefore I recommend it to anyone! Thank you, Smart Clinic! "

tankcsapda, tankcsapda iphone, tankcsapda szervizeltetés

Tankcsapda, Hungarian rock band

"As our music, our lives are quite fast, and unfortunately, often the iPhone cannot keep pace with it. Now we know that it is only worth to go to the guys working at Smart Clinic, because they will solve anything! In addition, we could wait for the 10-minute iPhone display replacement on the spot, so we were completely satisfied. Technicians working here are really cool and besides, more familiar with Apple products than anyone else. Yeah, and of course they love rock. Do you need any more than that?" - the Tanks were here.

batiz, iphone 5

András Batiz, presenter, editor, government spokesman

"Speed is important, but not everything. In addition, customer focus is at least such a key factor. I could experience both at Smart Clinic. Not only was the screen replacement done in half an hour, but when I asked for a full phone house - a little bit of the backside of my black iPhone 5 has become worn over time – the technician talked me out about it, saying it isn't worth it. He could have persuaded me to it easily. He was saving me money, which really is a rarity today. Thank you!'

Istenes Bence

Bence Istenes, television and radio presenter

"Since I have virtually my entire life on my iPhone, it is indispensable both in my work and in my private life. So if I have a problem, it is important for me to get quick and professional help. At Smart Clinic, the guys were very professional and, even most important, everything happened in front of my eyes, so I knew my data were safe. A cheerful, helpful team, it is a good feeling to enter the store. They can solve everything and do all this in a kind way. I can only recommend it to everyone! Thank you!'

Csobot Adél

Adél Csobot, singer, actress

"I can't imagine my life without a phone! More specifically - without my iPhone. As others have already said before me, I carry my whole life with me day by day, and tell me, is there anyone my age who can imagine their life without messages, calls, selfies and Facebook or Instagram posts? There wouldn't be many. Precision and reliability are important to me: I have experienced both at Smart Clinic! Thanks to them for remaking the first iPhone of my life, which I fought tooth and nail to preserve! They really saved a life this time." 

Náksi Attila véleménye

Attila Náksi, Disc jockey, composer, music producer

"I was looking for a good and reliable iPhone service for my phone. I decided very well when I brought it to the team of Smart Clinic, because my phone was repaired in a professional manner and attitude. For my great relief, I was able to wait for the service, so I just had to set aside my iPhone for a very short time, as it has become indispensable for me in both work and private life. Thank you for this high quality service."

Kasza Tibi véleményTibor Kasza, singer, composer, presenter

"Nowadays it is no longer a question whether a person is keeping almost their entire life on his phone. This is no different for me. Should there occur any problem with my iPhone, following my first desperate reaction, I am reassured that I know where they will be able to remedy the trouble. This place is Smart Clinic, where they can find a solution to every issue, and technicians are helpful and kind. I love that I always have free lots to park in front of the service, which is a big advantage when one rushes from one place to another. "

Gömbös László

László Gömbös (5x Kick-Box Europe Champion, 3x Kick-Box World Champion, 2013 World Combat Games Winner) 

"The Smart Clinic team was very professional all the time, and I could wait for the repair on the spot while enjoying a soft drink. With a software fix, they could download data, important photos from several years' distance from my practically dead iPhone I did not even expect. I was completely satisfied with everything, I would recommend the guys to everyone, I got excellent, fast and professional help from them. I will keep visiting them! "

Tokay Máté

Mate Tokay, Wakeboard World Champion 2009

"My iPhone is especially important to me, because I do all my work of everyday life on the device (e-mail, internet communication). That is why for me, it is of utmost importance to work in all circumstances. Should I have any problems with it, I will only turn to the Smart Clinic team, and not by accident. They are fast, reliable, and offer a unique long-lasting guarantee on their work, which is an important factor. In the service centre, I could wait for the repair while enjoying a coffee, which was so fast that I didn't believe my eyes. After a few clever advices I could go on my way, happily using forth my assistant. Thank you guys once more! "

Pintér Adrienn AdaAda (Adrienn Pintér) - TV presenter

"I accidentally bumped into the store and the service last year, which I was very happy about! Everyone is professional, kind, fast and helpful and they always have everything in stock I need! Moreover, it is even close ;) "

Kálmán OlgaOlga Kálmán - presenter of TV channel ATV

"I am impatient and maximalist towards all IT tools. As in human work, I do not tolerate "laziness" in information technology. The computer should work, not freeze, internet should be fast, my phone should be accurate, easy to use and smart. The case of my phone should protect the device, it should not obstruct its use, but should be also stylish. That's why I chose the more Para Blaze X iPhone 5s / 5 case."

Balázs KláriKlári Balázs - singer

"I have already paid a big price for not having chosen my iPad case carefully. I just paid attention for it being nice, so in a careless moment my device fell on the floor, and of course, the protective glass has broken into small pieces. I accidentally found the SENA Folio II iPad case, which is not only elegant, but it captures my device so safely, by almost embracing it, that the incident described above may not repeat itself. Wherever I show up, they praise it everywhere for its red colour, crocodile pattern and elegant shape. I feel as if it was personally designed for me. "

Zimány LindaLinda Zimány - model, presenter

"I can admit that I am a phone addict. I keep everything what matters on my phone. With my friends, I chat 24/7 and I check various social media through the phone during the day. I get news via SMS, I use email and Internet applications, my daily schedule is found in my calendar, I take notes in it, so I really use and make use of my phone. It is in my hands all day, so it's important to protect it and since I'm a woman and prefer nice, fashionable things, I like to have my phone "dressed up" fashionably. That's why I chose the Incipio Edge Chrome iPhone 6 Case in pink and rose gold shades. I love the gold colour, and with this case, my phone also became a jewel in my hand, besides being protected from shocks. "

Mórádi Zsolt

Zsolt Mórádi - 5-time European and 3-time kick-box world champion

"As the iPhone's first version has appealed to me, the device has been an essential part of my life for years. As a martial arts competitor, two daily workouts and the lifestyle of traveling make my electronic devices worn - this also applies to my iPhone 5, so it was a burning issue to protect my mobile device. Despite its lightweight design, the iPhone 5S / 5 Aluminum Bumper offers a secure protection, and the minimalist design does not even distort the beauty of the iPhone 5. It was a perfect choice."


Gábor Wolf - Marketing Commando

"Let me just list some of my phone’s accidents: rolling down the stairs, soaking in the summer flood (inside the bag!), crashing against the wall due to a jamming of the headset's wires, and also dropping a can of asparagus on the display while cooking. In this case, we look at each other, call out “Smart Clinic!” and in 30 minutes, the iPhone is just like it has been. Smart Clinic offers European standards at Hungarian prices. I do not know how they do it: the staff smiles, the technicians are fast, the shop is nice and clean, and they undertake guarantees for repairs. As a buyer, they get my first choice, as entrepreneur, my admiration. If only there would be more companies like them! " 


Pierrot - singer, producer, game developer

"Nowadays, surprises are rare guests in shops and repair shops. I mean, pleasant ones. However, Smart Clinic surprised me by its kindness, helpfulness, confidence and obvious expertise from behind the counter. It was not even looking like a service, rather some kind of elegant doctor's office, where only sympathetic, reliable doctors are working. I took my old mate to them tremulously, but I quickly realized that my phone was in the best possible hands. Soon the blue-black bands of the display disappeared, and after a thoroughly performed surgery, I was able to return it home completely again. Since then, I have saved the phone number of Smart Clinic...! "


Ferenc Rippel - Artist, Guinness Recorder

"If one's concept of life is positive, then the solution will arise simultaneously with the arising problem. That's what happened to me recently, when my iPhone 6 had to undergo a serious repair after a 'small' drop. Unbelievable, but I immediately discovered the best iPhone service page, from where a straight path led to a quick and 'painless' solution. Thank you for the customer-oriented attitude and positive cooperation. I can only recommend it to everyone!"


Nóra Ördög - presenter, editor

"My friends call me a phone killer ... You can't list any damage that I have not caused to my poor devices: sooner or later everything that get into my hands will crack, lean, break, fall down or soak. Yet I love these devices! With passion and for real! That's why I have them so often in my hands. They are my family if my family can't be close. They're my work if I can finally leave the office. The news, my friends, the world. If they are not close to me, I feel strange, maybe I'm addicted, I don't know. Okay. If it is really needed, I can take 20 minutes 'off'. That is why I am grateful that here they are addressing our problems so quickly, simply and in a flawless way. Thank you! "


Ferenc Szigeti - musician, founder of Karthago rock band

"I think I am indeed a ranking member, compared to the ones speaking before me. Why am I telling you this? Because I have lived half of my life without a phone. In my apartment at Szabadsághegy, I waited nearly 20 years for the introduction of the phone line ... In the 1980s, I have organised the concerts of my KARTHAGO band from dirty, cold, street telephone booths at terrible struggles. (250 concerts on an annual average!) Those who haven't experienced this cannot appreciate one of the most fantastic achievements of today's age, the mobile phone. Since I (also) have completed technical education, it's a terribly valuable, exciting and enormous thing for me to have a smartphone. And since I'm a maximalist, that's why I chose the best of them, the iPhone, ever since the Apple phones have appeared. Unfortunately, however, dropping and other damage is almost inevitable for this type too, so has it happened to me... That's how I got accidentally to the SMART CLINIC service in Újbuda, after I was offered a two-week repair time from my service provider…. This is a real tragedy for today's man! In contrast, at SMART CLINIC, to my biggest surprise, they promised to replace the complete display in half an hour (!!)! I couldn't believe my eyes! … And most importantly, here they do not send your device to someone unfamiliar and it does not either stay unknown who and why you can see your private and confidential things…. In the service centre, nice, knowledgeable youngsters welcomed me, explained the process of repair, then they asked me to sit down and in half an hour, my iPhone was ready! Thank you SMART CLINIC, this is European operation, you can say man's work! I can only recommend it to everyone!"


Anita Deutsch - actress

"I know I'm not the first, and I probably won't be the last one to praise the fast and reliable features of Smart Clinic smartphone and tablet service. Since I store virtually all important data, contacts and calendar entries on my iPhone, it is very important that the device is being repaired before my eyes. The fact that they also provide a guarantee for their service processes, is just the icing on the cake. My daughter also recommends Smart Clinic, and childish honesty is worth believing! "


Norbert Michelisz - WTCC racing driver

"As on the race track, time, speed and precision are very important to me in my everyday life. If there is a problem with any of these, you may even lose several months of work and preparation. The Smart Clinic team rebuilt my iPhone 5s with incredible speed and precision, I can say the guys won the qualifying race with the best results. So, with all my potential problems with smartphones, I will now look for them. "


Zé Fördős - Gastroblogger

"A few days ago, while I was shooting a video, I dropped my phone and broke its screen. Because it is a necessity for me to use it, it was important to have someone repair it very quickly. I called Smart Clinic, whether they can replace it now, I have received an appointment for 15 minutes later, and in 30 minutes the phone was faultless again. "


Attila Csenki - Humorist

“It could be the first line of a joke: I dropped the iPhone and immediately broke its display. But at that moment, I didn't feel like joking around. I found myself on the internet, how I could fix this problem the fastest, and since Google was my friend again, it gave me a very good tip. I took the device to Smart Clinic, where they started the fix right away. Fortunately, I was able to use the iPhone again within 1 hour, but now I have a case on it equivalent an atomic bunker. Thanks to this protection, maybe it can even be thrown away? Thanks guys, I'm not going to make a joke of you - or will I? :P "


Viktor Varga - singer

"I am more than grateful for Smart Clinic, they have indeed contributed to the development of my art, because without my iMac I can only keep my music in my head and in the ether. But know that noise has disappeared and my display turns on again, I can throw myself into recording my songs. I don't have to go to other studios anymore to record them! Thank you, Smart Clinic! "


Ákos Dobrády - EMeRTon-award-winning Hungarian singer, former member of TNT 

"In general, I have no strong attachment towards objects. This is especially true for a mobile phone. I don't pay enough attention to it. No matter how nice it is, I just can't get attached to it, and that you can take literally! Sliding, flying, falling, broken, cracking ... The trouble is that life stops without it. It's good to have Smart Clinic. :) Fast, flexible, kind, and last but not least reliable, precise work! I strongly recommend them to everyone! " 
Vivien Vasvári - Hungarian reality show participant, model, businesswoman, multiple national champion runner

"Unfortunately, I often break my phone, sometimes it may take two weeks for me to return to the service ... I just can't take care of my device. That's why Smart Clinic is the security for me, where I am always very kindly welcomed and my phone is ready in a short time, which is even more important to me as it is a device I use every day. " 

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