Warranty Terms - Related to Servicing

The following table shows the warranty we provide for each repair:

Display and component replacementlifetime warranty
Battery replacement6 months
Motherboard fixes (Level 3)1 month
Software repair, repair of liquid harmno warranty

* For displays, the table below shows the quality of the display we guarantee:

Apple3 monthlifetimelifetimelifetime3 month
Samsung3 month3 monthlifetimelifetime3 month
Xiaomi3 month3 monthlifetimelifetime3 month
Huawei3 monthlifetimelifetimelifetime3 month

At Smart Clinic, we offer different types of warranties, depending on the repair or the component of your need. As a non-warranty service provider, Smart Clinic is not affiliated with any of the vendors, so our service may void the manufacturer's warranty. To avoid this, we suggest you to bring your device directly to the manufacturer. Please note that the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover accidental damage to the device, including liquid damage or breakage.

On what do we provide guarantee?

The Smart Clinic warranty is linked to a specific device and to a specific customer that is identified by our system with a unique IMEI or serial number and personal data of the customer.

The warranty applies to the original defect and the repeated failure of the part we have replaced / repaired within the warranty period, but the warranty does not apply to additional defects. In addition, the warranty does not cover accidental damage, and the change of ownership does not extend the warranty period either.

If you notice a problem with a previously repaired device, we will do our best to fix the problem free of charge. In the event of a warranty repair, we will keep the device in our service centre for a few days in order to exclude any other defects, which is a condition of a free warranty repair.

In the case of ordering parts for warranty repair of the device, Smart Clinic undertakes to purchase them within 60 days at the latest, otherwise we will refund the full purchase price of the original repair.

What is the expiration of service support, what does it mean?

For a period of time after the appliance has been placed on the market, the manufacturer or a third party will provide us with the necessary parts for the repair. This service support time varies by manufacturer. 4 years for some devices, but 8 years for service support. When receiving the device to be repaired, our colleagues in our service will always inform you about this date and the receipt. we will also email you this information.

Service support expires on the date we are guaranteed to provide the part by our suppliers. The lifetime warranty is valid until that date.

Example 1: If a device is serviced on April 7, 2028, and repaired on April 7, 2022, we will provide a 6-year warranty on certain parts that will not be defective, otherwise it will be replaced free of charge.

Example 2: If a device is serviced on April 7, 2022, and repaired on March 7, 2022, we will provide a 1-month warranty on certain parts that will not be defective, otherwise it will be replaced free of charge.

Example 3: If a device has already reached the end of its service support, but we still have spare parts in stock, we can install it on our own request, but then we can no longer guarantee it.

On what do we not provide guarantee?

We are not responsible for any damage caused by liquid. Opening the device may cause additional damage, which in some cases may be very serious and irreparable.

We do not guarantee damage due to physical impact. For example: breakage, cracking, tearing

We are not responsible for any hidden errors that were not visible / identifiable during the first inspection. In such cases, if any problems occur during the investigation, we will contact you immediately by telephone / email for further repairs.

After repairs by Smart Clinic, third-party or any other party repairs will exclude the Smart Clinic warranty. During repairs, we place own etiquette stickers in the device, the violation of which proves unauthorized interference.

After repairs, the ongoing watertight or resistant properties of the device cannot be guaranteed.

Please note that this is part of the warranty terms, but may not include the General Terms and Conditions. You can find a complete list of the General Terms and Conditions here.

Our service statistics are outstanding among domestic service centres:

  • The repair rate is 98%, according to which we can provide our customers an immediate - or reasonable time - solution to almost any servicing-related problem.
  • The (non-) failure rate after repair is extremely high (97-98%), which is why our customers rank us among the most trusted domestic smartphone services.
  • Thanks to the professionalism of our service and our constant parts inventory, most of the repairs (90%) can be awaited on site.

Smart Clinic is outstandingly equipped with professional devices and tools, and our service technicians are up-to-date regarding knowledge and methods. We consider these to be essential for fast and precise work.

Our service also pays great attention to the quality of the purchased parts, which saves time, energy and money for our customers and ourselves. 

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